Bareground weed control
bareground well site Control any or all vegetation on the site by applying certain herbicides.

Herbicides most commonly used are:
  • Krovar 1 DF
  • Diuron 80 DF
  • Sahara DG
  • Oust

Bareground Safety Benefits

well site ready for bareground

  • Reduces FIRE hazards
  • Lessens self injury, such as tripping & falling
  • Protects company trucks & tools
  • Lowers maintenance cost on Sites
  • Helps keep grazing animals off the Sites
  • Eliminates hiding places for rodents/snakes

Bareground Stipulations

  • Spring & Fall are the most opportune times to apply the bareground herbicides.
  • Without moisture the chemical cannot be absorbed into the soil profile.
  • Herbicide will biodegrade by sunlight, wind, & movement of soil.

Examples of High Visibility Sites for Bareground

high visibility oil site

  • Fenced in Well Sites
  • Homes adjacent to Well Sites
  • Major Roadways leading to Well Sites
  • High Fire hazard areas


Trim-out - 10 ft. band around each piece of equipment on a Well Site
Tear drop - Similar 10 ft. band around Well Site equipment but includes more footage
Anchor-Anchor - Everything inside a Site anchors plus trim-outs on additional equipment
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